Rowan Harvey, PRESIDENT

Mr. Harvey is a talented visionary in business conception and corporate design and has incubated numerous projects from a one sentence business concept, to revenue producing operations and ultimately to an exchange listing creating a publically traded corporate currency.
Mr. Harvey developed the original business concept of serving a niche market (Spanish Medicare eligible diabetics) audience by marketing to them in their native language (Spanish). Overcoming the language barrier was key to the development of the company, as was the marketing strategy to reach the customer. Mr. Harvey developed a proprietary algorithm to amalgamate information from the Departments of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid which developed geographical targets for media efforts. The executive team he assembled was fully bi-lingual and was responsible for Procedures and Protocols for billing the U.S. Government earning the gold seal of approval, accreditation from The Joint Commission, National Quality Approval Rating. In addition, Mr. Harvey was responsible for oversight and management of operational, budgetary and corporate matters, development of strategic planning and ensuring sales goals were met, interfacing with COO, CFO and department heads to establish cohesive direction. Mr. Harvey was instrumental in the development, planning and logistics for the manufacturing of the Company’s proprietary line of diabetes testing supplies, manufactured for the Company in China.  To increase corporate profitability Mr. Harvey out-sourced certain non-core competencies to independent contractors and manufactures while implementing an Acquisitions and Merger Strategy to increase growth through roll–ups and strategic relationships As Chairman of Board, Mr. Harvey further implemented strategic leadership and focus on appropriate and realistic visions while monitoring the achievement of corporate goals.